Women Who Care About Breast Cancer

Women Who Care About Breast Cancer

Women Who Care About Breast CancerWomen Who Care About Breast Cancer

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In March of 2012, Dr. Paul Dicorleto, chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Researcher Institute, announced to a small Advisory Council, that Dr. Vincent Tuohy’s promising breast cancer vaccine research needed additional funding. Marjorie Moyar, Ph.D. volunteered to spread the word to both women in Cleveland and their national organizations.

Susan Larson accepted her invitation to be co-chair. The two met with Dr. Tuohy and two leaders from the Cleveland Greek Orthodox Church community in May of 2012. In November of 2012, several other groups were welcomed into the Coalition at its very first public event, introducing Dr. Tuohy’s work to the broader community. In its seventh year of offering support to Dr. Tuohy, the Coalition has focused on two goals, EDUCATION and FUNDRAISING. The philanthropy provided by the Coalition has helped to keep Dr. Tuohy’s important research moving ahead. At the end of 2017, he received a six-million-dollar grant from the Department of Defense.

The Coalition’s most noteworthy accomplishment, in September of 2017, was organizing, supporting and producing the IDEASTREAM program, Prevention Is the Cure, featuring Dr. Tuohy and a panel of national breast cancer experts. Presently, the Coalition is exploring new venues and opportunities to reach a broader audience and funding base while maintaining the interest and participation of its long-term supporters. Its two co-chairs have found that contributing their time, talent and treasure has been a gratifying experience.


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Learn about the development of our coalition, our connection with the cause and the importance of our work.