Women Who Care About Breast Cancer

Women Who Care About Breast Cancer

Women Who Care About Breast CancerWomen Who Care About Breast Cancer

Our Mission

 Our mission is to obtain governmental funding for a “Women’s Health Initiative” which will make possible clinical trials of vaccines for the primary prevention of breast cancer in women. This funding is needed because (1) too many women are suffering needlessly from this disease; (2) the savings to the American economy from putting an end to breast cancer will repay the government’s cost many times over; (3) the expense of such clinical trials will tax even the resources of the major pharmaceutical companies, making it unlikely any will wish to take the risk; and (4) without government assistance in the funding of clinical trials, the cost to the patient will be prohibitively expensive.

  • The incidence of breast cancer is rising dramatically. Presently, 1 in 8 women will develop this disease in her lifetime.
  • Breast cancer treatment cost ranks among the highest of all cancers. Medicare costs for screening alone exceed $1.08 billion. Screening does not prevent the disease, it only provides early detection.
  • It is estimated that Medicare reimbursement for breast cancer treatment will exceed $20 billion annually by 2020. The cost for those under 65 will at least equal that, bringing the total cost for breast cancer in the USA to more than $40 billion annually.
  • We must change the paradigm from treatment to prevention. 
  • Prevention of breast cancer will save countless lives and reduce the mounting cost to our society. 
  • Roughly 80% of research funding is currently directed to treatment research,
  • and scientists working on vaccines do not have financial resources to conduct
  • expensive clinical trials.
  • Long term, prevention of breast cancer means countless women will not
  • suffer the devastating problems associated with recurrence and metastasis,
  • the treatment of which is not included in the costs cited above.